Website Status of 2010

I can assure you the website is alive and well, even though we have missed the last couple meeting minutes. The end of the year is hectic for everyone, and for the members of the Dallas Mars Society there is no exception.

I am posting a graph of website page views over the last year. There are more WebStatistics available, but they are of little value–a majority of our traffic is SPAM-related.


The discussion forum on Yahoo! Groups is also alive.  A whopping 88 posts were made in 2010 and there were 42 members at the end of the year. Traffic remained constant throughout the year, which means the group forum was a useful and important conduit for sending and receiving group announcements, even if it wasn’t a lively place for animated discussions about space policy (you have to attend the meetings for that).

The @DallasMars Twitter account went live in March 2010–thanks for M Siedle. As of year end it has 222 tweets to 21 followers.

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