The July 07 Meeting

Another good turnout last Sunday night, with 12 members attending, including a rare but always appreciated appearance by Rev Heiser and family!

 We firmed up that we would bring T-Shirts to the Mars National convention again this year.  Last year they were very well recieved, so we will try with more shirts this year.  Mark offered a great design for the picture.  There was discussion on what the tag line should be.  the first was “Mars… Let’s Go Now”.  Another competing slogan was to make use of the 10 year point.  It was not put directly into words, but is expected to be something like “10 Years Gone, 10 Years to Go…  Mars in 10.”

Also discussed were plans to bring in speakers and have presentations at the meetings.  We will see what occurs.  Next month some of us will be travelling to the National convention, but two of our members are about to have a third so things even out.  Our best hopes for both the trip safety and the birth to come.

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