Sept 2008 Minutes

We had 11 people present.  We missed Don, but were happy to see Christopher Carson And Bill Ledbetter.  


Old Business

Kris reported that she had not yet found a University group with which she and Kurt were wanted to work as mentors on an engineering group. She’ll continue to pursue contacts and gather information, possibly will offer the Mars Rover Challenge as a group project.


The group will consider a trip to see a DARS launch and possibly tour Space X.   As planned, Roger reprised his Mars Society Convention talk about making money on Mars by mining platinum group metals.  This was well received: several attendees had interesting questions and comments.


Curtis restated that the group might consider incorporating, registering as a non-profit, or taking other steps to formalize procedures especially regarding the treasury.  Many groups do have formal processes; others simply handle the money as is most convenient.


New Business

The group voted to purchase Zubrin books from Roger who is moving.  He agreed to sell them at cost.


Curtis sold NSS space settlement calendars and announced the group is considering a Thanksgiving weekend event.   Some members will be attending Fen Con next weekend where Mimi and Roger will sell books and some Mars items.  


No one expressed optimism over either Presidential candidate regarding the future of the space program; Obama has some advantages in appearance and speaking manner and the economic disasters may also work to his advantage; some feel McCain would be the more inclined to fund space exploration and expansion.  


Action Items:

Kurt will phone Derek regarding a tour of Space X.  Kelly will research schedule for DARS trip.  

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