Quick Recap of our August 14th Meeting


I just wanted to give a quick recap of our August 14th meeting.  We had a relaxed celebration of the conference: it was great to just gather and enjoy each other’s company without the pressure of the convention planning, and to relish the memories of the 14th Annual Mars Society convention!   We had a brief awards ceremony for all those who worked on the convention.

And I do believe that we set an attendance record!  We had 14 or 15 folks (I wasn’t taking notes!), including Josh, a new prospective member who dropped in and regaled us with tales of arguing in front of the Supreme Court, no less (welcome Josh!).

It was great to see James H and family: we know that the long drive from Hillsboro on the busiest day of the week is a real sacrifice.

And thanks to Kris for arranging for the awards, they were very eye catching, and well earned by a great team!

With that, Juno is on its way to Jupiter, Opportunity has arrived at Endeavour Crater, and Curiosity is getting ready at the Cape, and it is getting late and I have to go…..

See you Sunday!


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