November Meeting Minutes

Minutes for November’s meeting:

Old Business

Kurt reported on his discussions with the TEMPO project lead and asked the members whether there was interest in participating. Several members were interested in technical participation. Kurt requested members who are interested to forward him a brief bio of their qualifications so he can forward to the TEMPO lead to see how we can help out. TEMPO is expecting to complete preliminary design in early February and present at the cubesat conference in April.

Kris reported on the middle school project. The project is expected to consist of a model space station in which students will be able to interact with a “Mars rover” look a like, communicate with students in a “Houston” computer lab via video conferencing equipment, and (hopefully) a Q and A session with a real astronaut. Help needed are people skilled at building sets, skilled or knowledgeable concerning computer technology, skilled or knowledgeable concerning space technology, and eager workers who are just willing to help. Several members expressed interest. An initial planning meeting will be held at the school on Dec 9th. Kris will attend the meeting and report back to the group with more details on how the group can help out.

New Business

The group is planning a trip to tour Space X on Dec 13th. Carol Johnson’s Christmas party is planned for the 14th. NSS will include the Mars society on the party notice.

Thanks to Dan for bringing Mars oriented toys to the meeting. The toys will be given to the NSS toy drive. Thanks also to Dan for bringing a Mars oriented video to the meeting. The whole group enjoyed the video.

This was Mimi and Roger’s last meeting. They will be very much missed. We wish them well on their move, thank them for their invaluable contributions to the group, and look forward to keeping in touch.

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