Next Meeting Sun, Nov 24 ’13


Yes, another month and year has rolled around again! This is an ‘early’ meeting, on the 24th, the earliest our last Sunday meeting day falls as the last day of November is Saturday. This means, unlike past years, we are meeting the weekend before, not the weekend after, Thanksgiving. Hope that fits with everyone’s travel and family plans!

There is the latest news to discuss, including India’s first Mars mission, the (hopefully!) successful MAVEN launch, the ongoing MER and Curiosity Rovers, and other national space news.

I’ll give an out brief of my talk at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, and a potential area of local volunteer work that came up during the visit. There is planning for the Dallas Science Fair, and other news from the group.

And don’t forget, this is our last meeting in 2013!

In December, in lieu of another meeting, we are invited to Carol’s annual Christmas Party at her house. Details to follow.

See you Sunday!

P.S. Greg will not attend this one.

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