Moon Day outreach a big success!


Just a quick note that the Moon Day outreach went swimmingly well. On July 16 the local chapter showed up in force at the Frontiers of Flight museum, and set up a table with our materials, a Mars globe kindly loaned to us by the NSS (thanks Curtis!) and our convention poster, as well as the cool signs that Tom had printed up.

Literally hundreds of space interested locals came up and we got a chance to meet and talk to many, as well as make what we hope and expect to be lasting contacts with like minded organizations like the Dallas Area Rocket Society, Fort Worth Astronomical Society, and of course, the Moon Society and Ken Murphy, whom we thank for his inviting us and the tireless work he put into organizing Moon day. We also took many notes of what the ‘competition’ were doing with their presentations and how to make our presentation and presence even better and more compelling next time (let’s not forget the black table cloths!)

The Moon Day was a great success, and we discussed having an even bigger presence next year. This would be a great time to organize the ‘Mars 101’ community outreach we thought of but were unable to bring to fruition at this year’s convention. Thanks to everyone, and see you at the Mars Society convention, now only DAYS away!!!!


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