Minutes from our March 2010 Meeting

The meeting opened with a report on Perry Middle school’s annual space week which was held at Perry the week of March 8th. Mars society and National Space Society volunteers assisted with the construction of a moc-up space station, a martian landscape with a remote controlled mars rover, and other exhibits which were displayed during space week. Don designed and built a spacewalk simulator. Perry reported that Don’s space walk simulator was tied to Perry’s unit on physics and motion. Carol from NSS and Kurt both gave presentations during the week. Space week was a great success and the exhibits were a big hit. Curtis reported that photos of the exhibits are posted to the NSS yahoo group. The group discussed options for expanding on the exhibits for next year. Options we discussed included a moc-up airlock.

Next on the agenda the group discussed the Mars Society 2011 convention. At the last chapter meeting, the group voted to propose to host the convention in Dallas in 2011. Kurt brought convention requirements and a checklist he received from the national chapter. Kurt mentioned he would email the checklist and requirements to the yahoo group. The group discussed hotel prospects and plans to investigate prospects this month and report back next meeting. Curtis mentioned he would write up some pointers from the NSS conference hosted by the Dallas NSS chapter held in Dallas in 2007.

The group also discussed the 2010 Mars Society convention to be held in Dayton August 5th- 8th. Several members are considering attending the 2010 convention.

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