Minutes from our June 2010 meeting

There were 10 persons in attendance. The meeting opened with a discussion of the successful launch of SpaceX Falcon.

The upcoming Mars Society convention was also discussed.  The convention will be held in Dayton, Ohio August 5th thru the 8th.  Several members are considering attending the convention.

The group voted to purchase t-shirts to sell at the convention.  Mark mentioned he would forward t-shirt design ideas.

We also discussed SMU’s talented and gifted program for youths.  April will be teaching a course on Mars colonization.  The group voted to purchase a case of Robert Zubrin’s book The Case for Mars for April to hand out to students.

As a last topic, we discussed the 2011 convention and proposal to host the convention in Dallas.  Curtis brought materials on one possible venue and Tom brought materials on some other potential sites.  The group reviewed and discussed the materials.  Tom and Kurt conveyed plans to tour the oitential venue sites.  Tom prepared a draft proposal which the chapter plans to refine after visiting the sites.

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