Minutes from our July 2010 meeting

There were 12 persons in attendance at the meeting.

We were delighted April joined us with students from her Mars or Bust SMU class for gifted 7th and 8th graders.  April’s students talked with us about their experience in their summer class and their thoughts on space related topics.  We also discussed Kurt’s presentation during the summer class, which was a big hit.  Kurt talked about the political and cultural aspects of an early Mars colony.  The students brought a copy of a map of mars signed by the students in April’s class to thank the mars society for their support and for donation of Robert Zubrin’s book Case for Mars. We really enjoyed talking with April and her students.

We also talked about Moon day at the Frontiers of Flight museum which was held earlier this month.  Curtis brought in a news article on the event and reported Moon day was a great success. More than 500 people were in attendance. Several organizations had booths to include North Richland Hills astronaut training center, Dallas Area Rocket Club, and Armadillo aerospace.

We also talked about Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s upcoming event The Planets.

Mark came up with a really great design for t-shirts for the upcoming Aug 5th -8th convention in Dayton.  He brought an illustration of the design to show the group.  Fifty one T-shirts in various sizes were ordered from Zazzle and will be sold at the convention.

We talked at length about our proposal to host next year’s convention in Dallas.  The proposal is coming together really well.  Kurt brought a copy of a draft of the proposal for review.  We expect to finish up the proposal in the next couple of weeks.

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