Minutes from our July 2009 meeting

There were 10 persons in attendance. The group welcomed guests Tom and Ean. The group was delighted that April was able to attend as well.

The group discussed the Mars conference at the University of Maryland on July 30 – Aug 2nd. More information about the conference can be found at: http://www.marssociety.org/portal/c/Conventions/2009/. Several members are planning to attend. The group created t-shirts to sell at the convention.

April applied for membership on the Mars Society steering committee. Steering committee member elections will be made at the convention.

The group discussed the possibility of pursuing funding so that more members are able to attend future conventions.

Kurt and April reported on the gifted girls conference held at SMU in April. More on the conference can be found at: http://smu.edu/education/gsi/giftedgirlsconference.asp. The Dallas Mars society donated copies of Robert Zubrin’s book “The Case for Mars” to the conference. The conference was followed by a tour of SpaceX (www.spacex.com) at the McGregor, Texas location.

The group discussed handing out flyers at upcoming Frontiers of Flight museum (http://www.flightmuseum.com/) events.

The group also discussed FMARS 2009. FMARS 2009 (Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station) is a habitat which enables simulation of mars missions (www.fmars2009.org).

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