Minutes from our January 2010 Meeting

There were 7 persons in attendance at the meeting.  We missed Kurt who was unable to attend.  We welcomed Jan who is a K-5 grade art teacher at a local school.  Jan is working on an Imagine Mars project at her school with Jet Propulsion Laboratories.  We enjoyed talking with Jan and sharing ideas related to her class project.

We also talked about the upcoming Perry Middle School project.  The group is donating $125 to assist with the repair of the school’s moc-up space station.  Construction of the space station is scheduled on Feb 27th and March 6th.  The space station will be demo’d during the school’s space station week March 8th-12th.

Con DFW, literary sci-fi/fantasy convention, is scheduled Feb 12th through the 14th.  NSS of North Texas has arranged tracks on Mars, the moon, and space settlements.  Kurt, April and Derek from SpaceX, and Bill Ledbetter (president of the local NSS chapter) will be speaking on Mars.  The Mars panel is scheduled for 10 am on the 13th.  Mark is planning to print flyers to hand out at the convention.

The group discussed the 2011 Mars convention. The group decided to wait to vote on whether to propose to host the convention until next meeting.

The group also discussed the NASA budget which came out last week.  The budget overview and some additional budget documents can be found at http://www.nasa.gov/news/budget/

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