Meeting This Sunday, June 29, 6:30PM at Spaghetti Warehouse in Plano


The month is coming to a close, and it is time for another meeting! We are back at the Spaghetti Warehouse this month, so see you there at 6:30 pm on Sunday (the Spaghetti Warehouse is off 15th Street and Rt 75 in Plano, just for the record..)

This is the last meeting before the Moon Day, so this is the time for last minute planning.

  • The rover, field, craters, bling, cameras, screens, computers and laptops, power cords, duct tape, and posters that make it happen!
  • Of course, the volunteers! all hands on deck! moon day has been growing each year, and this promises to be the best and biggest yet!

Also, National Mars Society convention planning.

  • T-shirts (have we chosen a new vendor? number?)
  • Registration (we’re all going, right?!)

I’ll have a report on the URC, which was far and away the most intense yet with 23 teams on the field, more than twice any before. It was exhausting and rewarding all at the same time!

And news from around the world and the solar system – From Curiosity exploring Gale Crater to Cassini making another pass at Titan, new and serious work on a 2020 Mars Sample Return precursor mission (the ‘Mars gathering for a future sample return’ mission) to the usually quiet world of rocket engine design hitting the national news….a lot is happening.

See you Sunday!


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