Meeting Sunday April 28, 2013


There will be are usual monthly meeting this Sunday at the Spaghetti Warehouse at 6:30pm, Sunday, April 28th, – same place, same time (off the 15th street exit from rt 75 in plano)

Things are heating up for our chapter and for Mars. Orbital Sciences joined the commercial space world with a successful launch this Saturday of their ISS supply spacecraft from Wallops Island, VA. Orbital is a company similar in size to SpaceX, but from a more traditional aerospace contractor mold. This is a reminder that the heart of commercial business is competition! Now is an exciting time for space as it broadens in the number of players and drops in cost, which in turn will be an enabler for future space exploration.

NASA is floating their next ‘manned deep space mission that isn’t a direct mission to mars’ idea, an asteroid roundup. One day, they’ll run out of ideas and finally give up and admit Mars is the only logical next objective for human deep space flight. One day.

In local news, we are gearing up for the national convention, Moon Day, the URC, and other activities. We can discuss more about our T-shirt design, and hear more about our local activities.

See you Sunday!


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