Meeting Minutes for August 2013


On August 25, 2013 we had our regular monthly meeting, with six members in attendance. Mark, who had attended the convention, was unable to make it, as he was at a tweet-up for MAVEN! We are looking forward to hearing more about that at the next meeting.

We discussed the moon day activities, as well as the convention, and our T-shirt sales. All of our t-shirts did sell, but with the new, higher prices from Zazzle, our existing price of $25 left us with only a narrow profit to spend on club activities. We will probably need to look for other vendors or raise prices next year. It also might make sense to go for a full 50 shirts to get the discount, as we sold out the 40 we got without even any sales to the local chapter (which also means I need to order online to keep my collection complete!).

We also discussed how to get our compilation of past Mars Society papers going again, and I think we have a plan! It is good to see us setting out on this project again.

This was my first Mars Society meeting after a missing several (the monthly meeting, Moon Day, and the national convention) while I mended from surgery. It was good to be back with everyone!

Till next month!


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