Meeting June 30th


Another month has gone by, and it is time for our next meeting this coming Sunday, June 30th, 6:30, Spaghetti Warehouse, Plano off of 15th and rt 75. The convention planning and incredible speaker list is coming together.

Post event review on the university rover competition and thoughts on how to make it even better next year are going on. and I’ll give a rundown of what was a thrilling competition.
Planning for Moon Day is in full swing.

Tom has been working hard on getting the rover and displays ready. This will be our last meeting before Moon Day, so we have to plan the details, and of course we need a max turnout of volunteers!

We need to finalize our T-shirt design!

In solar system news, both Opportunity (yes, it is still going!) and Curiosity are in the news, with even more revelations on how Mar’s wet past was a more ph neutral past than previously thought.

Also hitting the news were concerned about space radiation and surface perchlorate’s, and what they mean for manned Mars exploration. While both are of concern, both are solvable. More importantly, there is a national discussion of what these developments mean for manned Mars missions….the country is slowly aligning to a manned mission to Mars…

See you Sunday!


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