May Meeting

May 2008 Minutes

Chris, an engineer we had met at Christmas 2007 delighted us by attending. Don has made several meetings now & we feel he is one of us.

Kurt began the meeting. His speaking event at SMU with the gifted girls was a success.

Old business – We continued discussing t-shirts and polos; we have neither a vendor nor firm prices yet.

We interjected an announcement from Roger that Lander touchdown signal had reached Earth.

We voted on four short non-controversial slogans, winner was “On to Mars”. Mark arrived after viewing Phoenix Lander and presented a wonderful design.

Roger had checked the Dallas Rocket Society schedule; we have not settled on a firm date as large launches appear over at least for summer.

New business – Dan and Mark hope to select and finalize vendors for shirts. Curtis announced Frontiers of Flight Museum will host and Apollo event in July.

We adjourned to Dan’s to view Lander footage on his impressive TV. He made everyone comfortable, so much that at least one person nodded off.
Thanks Dan.

As an addenda to minutes; we blew it on research for larger events. The I Max Theater at Fair Park Science Museum had a large viewing for Phoenix Lander at which we could have offered Mars Society material to a pre-screened audience. We’ll do better next time.

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