May 2009 Minutes

Minutes from our May meeting:

There were 6 members in attendance at the meeting.

The meeting opened with a discussion of mars Spirit rover which is currently stuck in soft terrain on mars.  Regular Spirit updates can be found at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s spirit update website at:

The group additionally discussed the Human Space Flight Plans Commitee chaired by Norman Augustine.  As described by NASA at:

“The panel will examine ongoing and planned NASA development activities
and potential alternatives in order to present options for advancing a safe
innovative, affordable and sustainable human space flight program following
the space shuttle’s retirement.”  The commitee’s results are expected later
this year.

Kurt reported on SMU’s sucessful gifted girls conference held in April. Kurt presented at a break out session during the conference.  Kurt’s presentation was titled “Space Exploration and Mars” and explored human life on mars.

The group additionally discussed the upcoming Mars conference to be held at the University of Maryland on July 30 – Aug 2nd.  More information about the conference can be found at:

Several members of the group are expecting to attend.  The group expects to sell t-shirts and
hand out brochures at the conference.  T-shirt and brochure designs were discussed during the meeting.

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