June Meeting

Mars Society June 2008 Minutes

Following a review of last month’s meeting, we decided to reduce the number of t-shirts from 75 to 50, due to increase in price from printer.
The group declined to spend more than we have in the treasury. In past years, we were able to raise money among ourselves; this year we are simply using what funds we have.

Mark has a great design for 2008. He did have some questions about the slogan, but we decided to stay with the one we voted on last month.

Bishop Hizer, Kurt, and Roger intend to present talks again this year.
Roger and I have a strategy to post hours for t-shirt sales in order to attend more of the talks.

Roger reported on the Saturday trip to a Dallas Rocket Society launch.
We discussed some of the engineers offering to assist college seniors with their projects & what else we might want to add to our meetings/activities. Don indicated that we might want to discuss more of the national activities and concerns.

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