dallasmarssociety Meeting this Sunday Feb 24 at 6:30pm, Spaghetti Warehouse!


This is a quick month, and it is time again! We will meet at the Spaghetti Warehouse in Plano, off of rt 75 at 15th street, at 6:30 pm on Sunday, Feb 24.

There are a number of activities going on, in our Chapter, National, and at NASA:

>the regional Science fair, and the first ever Dallas Chapter prizes being awarded on Feb 23. We will have details!

>The preparations for URC are getting into gear, with a record 15 teams registering this year (gulp!!)

>I’ve downloaded the Adobe InDesign software package, and we are gearing up to start work on the paper editing.

>The call for papers went out from National for the annual convention, to be held at Boulder this year in mid August.

>the poster contest from national

>progress and activity on the Zooniverse ‘Planet Four’ wind streak mapping project. I’ve done a few dozen photos – it is neat to be looking at actual pictures of Mars and to be working on an actual Mars Science project.

>Curiosity went drilling, and NASA has agreed on a 2020 rover, mission TBD. Meanwhile, in Washington……

See you there this Sunday!!


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