Another month has rolled by, and our monthly meeting is coming on Feb 25, 6pm, at Norma’s.  I reserved the room for us – just ask for The Mars Society.
This is off of rt 75 near 15th street in Plano.

This month saw the incredible launch of the Falcon 9 Heavy, the dawn of a new era in space exploration.  not only do we finally have a heavy lift booster capable of sending humans into deep space – a capability we gave up in 1972, over 40 years ago, but we have a booster developed with private funds in a fraction of the time and cost, and costing a fraction, of the traditional approach.  Deep Space is not only reachable, it is affordable!!

We will also have the hot off the press results of the Dallas Regional Science and Engineering Fair, where we will be juding on Feb 24 for the Curiosity Award!

I also want to talk about what we plan to do for the Moon Day (coming up faster than you think!).  Rover mods – finishing rover 2.0, the virtual reality set, the glove box…all the activities we have going. 

Beyond that, URC is gearing up for downselection in March for who comes to Hanksville in late May.  i hope i can take a volunteer or two with me this year!

And the 21st National Mars Society convention has been announced for Pasadena, moving slightly early to the old late August schedule. 

Let’s all come together and try for a big turnout to discuss our plans for this year.

See you Sunday!


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