No Meeting in August


I know this Sunday, August 25th, is supposed to be our monthly meeting, but I ended up being unable to get a reservation for a place to meet.

Normally, of course, we meet at Norma’s.  We got put down for every month for the rest of the year – I thought (they said), but when I called to confirm they made a mistake and lost our reservation for this Sunday, and another large party is already booked.  The manager was very apologetic, and confirmed our reservations for the rest of the year AND promised us half off our next meeting, Sunday, Sept 29!!  (So, some good news!!)

Our backup is usually Outback, but they would not give reservations (apparently that is not an Outback thing) and would not agree to  us using the patio (“Maybe – you’ll have to come and we’ll decide then.” I decided not to risk it). 

We don’t have any pressing business, and though I will really miss seeing all of you guys, I think we can skip a month, enjoy the end of summer, and meet in September.

Briefly, we have the usual flurry of activities:

  • URC rule making for 2020 is starting up
  • October Star Wars Day is coming up
  • The National Convention is also in late October! 

I’ve seen a flurry of space news…

  • Huntsville is officially named the center for the manned return to the Moon – we’ll see if our Texas delegation can pull it back.
  • Europa has an official probe, to be launched on SLS, scheduled for the mid ’20’s.
  • More interest in the possibility of Early life on Mars.
  • And much more.

Sorry, and see you in September!