2011 Mars Society Convention in Dallas!


It’s official: Bob Zubrin announced at the Mars Society Convention that the 2011 convention will be held in Dallas!

This is both great news and a large responsibility! We have a lot to do and organize between now and then to put on a good convention. And the Dayton Chapter put on a really good show that set the bar high on expectations!

In particular ‘MarsCamp’ was a major success. This was a family oriented affair on Saturday with numerous interactive exhibits put on by local organizations such as AIAA, museums, etc. They weren’t all Mars or Space oriented, but they were technology and aerospace related. Many, many local families came to visit in a steady stream on Saturday. I picked up many ideas!

There will be much more to tell and discuss at the next meeting on August 29.

This is going to be a lot of work but a lot of fun!


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