May 2010 Meeting Minutes

There were 6 members attending.

Curtis reviewed what he learned from one potential venue: it appeared to be within the guildlines, but some details may need ironing out.

Treasury is unchanged – still waiting to hear from April about The Case for Mars books we voted to buy last month.

On a related note, Curtis asked about MS Convention t-shirts for this year – (Mark) responded that I’d have to do some homework and would try to figure out something (could use a little guidance on this).

Dan brought his current Readers Digest that had an article about the MER rovers, Spirit and Opportunity.

Jan (teacher visiting past DMS meetings for help with a space themed event she had been planning) came by before the meeting and talked with Dan to let us know how well her event was received.

Curtis mentioned that the librarian from Perry Middle School had emailed him that they will have some type of grant for Space Week next year – there is also a video of Carol’s presentation on Perry’s  web site (couldn’t find it, still need URL for this).

Mark (substituting for Kris – hope I didn’t leave anything important out)