October Meeting Minutes

Dallas Mars Society, October 2008

Old Business
April sent the treasury a $97 check from t-shirt sales. Kris reported no positive response about monitoring college senior engineering students and indicated she will try a middle school in Carrolton which could be more receptive as they are planning to build a life size space lab. Kurt suggested the group might assist with the satellite Mars Society is doing, though that project is on hold from lack of funds or volunteer to raise funds. We had some general discussion on NASA, the national budget, and prospects for the space program.

New Business and action items

Roger will deposit April’s check. The group voted to give Dan $100 from treasury to buy Mars oriented toys to contribute to NSS local toy drive. Toys need to be presented prior to or at the the Christmas party
at Carol’s in December. Actions: Roger will send Dan a check; Dan
will order toys.

Our group still wants to visit Space X and possibly a rocket launch from
the Dallas Rocket Society. We discussed inviting NSS members. No date
or time was settled. Kurt proposed via e-mail Saturday, 13 December, right before Carol’s Christmas party, as later would be too close to Christmas.

We elected Dan the new treasurer and Kris the new secretary.