August Meeting Minutes

Dallas Mars Society, August 2008 Minutes

Old Business-

Kelley and Don, our newest members plus three guests of Dan’s attended in addition to the usual members. We discussed the Mars Society National Convention in Colorado which had numerous interesting speakers
including Bishop Hieser, Kurt, and Roger from our chapter. Roger
reported T-shirt sales were a success and we have money in treasury for next time. Kurt and Kris will pursue mentoring senior engineers and have a couple of volunteers; they are considering the “gas Hopper” as a
project. Pam’s necklaces sold out the second day. Winner of the
Mars Challenge was the tethered cubes for artificial gravity.

Dr. Porco from the Casseni project was a big favorite, as was the ethics discussion featuring several religious people and one atheist. I felt that Zubrin’s new book, “Energy Freedom” may have been the most important publication at the at the conference, but did not get to talk much about it

New Business-
The group will need a new treasurer and secretary in December. Roger
and Kurt agreed to reprise their 30 minute presentations from National for the local group, hopefully at next month’s meeting. There was some discussion of whether to donate money for a specific Mars Society project, but the consensus seemed to be that our treasury would just
cover t-shirts for next year. Two people asked me for group e-mail
addresses; others objected to distributing their e-mail. I decided that everyone is responsible for giving their e-mail addy to whomever they wish to have it.